About the center

About the center

The University Support Center for Students with SP of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem is a specialized university-wide workplace guaranteeing free professional support to students and applicants for studies with specific needs. Our goal is to ensure equal conditions for applicants and students with special needs, especially to provide support to applicants and students with special needs in:

choice of field of study
admission procedure
throughout the study
The University Support Center divides applicants / students into the following categories:

Applicants / students with visual impairments
Applicants / students with hearing impairment
Applicants / students with physical disabilities
Applicants / students with a specific learning disability
Applicants / students with autism spectrum disorder
Applicants / students with other difficulties
Applicants / students socio-economically disadvantaged

Individual study conditions are then created for each applicant / student according to his / her specific needs. The University Support Center provides support mainly through the following standardized service measures – services:

individual consultations and advice
study assistance
orientation in space
recording / visualization service
interpreting service
individual tuition
overhead measures
time compensation
access / processing of study literature – library and information services